Information Technology Intervention – Smartphone Addiction

Your television is getting dusty, your laptop is getting rusty, and your telephone is…what’s a ‘telephone’?? The only piece of technology earning your precious time these days is your Smartphone. It’s like when your four-year-old dog who was once your ‘baby’ was shoved aside when the real newborn was brought home. Almost nothing can stand up against the Superman of information technology anymore.

Years ago when texting was born, it was like this magical thing where you could take a chatroom or Instant Messenger out of your computer and put it on your cell phone. Dreams came true! Now combine the addiction of ‘mobile Instant Messaging’ with games in glorious HD quality, checking e-mails in the Dunkin Donuts drive-through, and posting on your Facebook wall that you are in the Dunkin Donuts drive-through playing Bejeweled –it’s almost inconceivable to folks a mere 20 years ago! oppo f17 pro

With all this convenience and fun in the palm of your hand you would think people wouldn’t obsess over using any of the previously mentioned features whenever they felt like it. Au contraire! People actually appear to get incredibly offended when they are told, “you never pay attention to me because you are always checking your e-mail on your Blackberry” or “no more texting until you finish all your homework”. Why does it seem like Smartphone’s have become “the other woman” or “the new drug”? It’s just a really efficient method of communication and entertainment, no? What’s the real harm? It’s not an actual drug and it’s not actually someone to cheat on your lover with, is it?

Perhaps Smartphones are the gateway to more serious matters that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Let’s list a few negative situations Smartphones have created recently: texting while driving as a distraction has killed and injured hundreds of people all over the world, business owners’ blood pressure is increasingly high due to their Smartphone’s not receiving enough signal strength while traveling, and couples ending relationships by simply changing a relationship status on Facebook, texting, e-mailing and Twittering way too often.

What on earth were people doing BEFORE Smartphones? Their lives must have been incredibly dull and more stressful, and their eyes, necks, fingers and hands must have been in even worse shape than they are now, right? Wrong! While there is great value in innovation, this one particular invention is something that we know we can live without yet continue to rely on as our primary source of entertainment and communication.

Our poor, overworked opposable thumbs did not evolve in preparation for 21st century mobile devices. However, our Smartphones continue to help us find our way home when lost on the road, tell a loved one trapped in a 3 o’clock meeting that your water broke, and tell us reports that more miners were rescued seconds ago. I guess the Smartphone isn’t so bad after all.

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