Warm Climates and French Bulldogs

Packing up for a vacation is usually a fun time filled with great expectations for the time ahead. This time is also a stressful period for dog owners who don’t want to leave their dogs behind and especially not in boarding kennels where you are not assured that your Frenchie will get the kind of life he/she is used to.

For this reasons owners of French bulldogs would much rather travel with their dogs and enjoy this time together. With good preparation you can make traveling with your French bulldog puppies for adoption  French bulldog a very rewarding experience without stress or anxiety.

Good preparation will involve preparing proper documentation for the dog. This involves getting your Frenchie a certificate of health showing that the dog has received the necessary inoculations and is fit enough to travel. Due to the health concerns of the bulldog, a check-up is necessary before you leave.

There are many places that will have a policy against pets. Careful research when choosing a means of travel and places to stay and dine out is necessary. Call if you have to ensure that your bulldog is not stuck in his crate just because there is a policy against his presence. You can ask a friend who owns a dog to give you recommendations or you can consult with your travel agent in case you are visiting a new place.

It is important to be a good neighbor when traveling with your Frenchie, this means that as you travel or enjoy a swim on the beach you are responsible for your dog. If your dog makes any mess, be quick to clean it up and do not be rude when doing so. Yes, dogs need to eliminate, but as a responsible owner it is your duty to ensure that your Frenchies does so in the right place.

If you intend to use public means, buy an air conditioned crate where you can place your Frenchie during the duration of your travel. Remember French bulldogs are very susceptible to heat and you should keep checking your Frenchie to ensure he’s alright.

Always make sure that your Frenchie has his collar on. This collar should have his identification tag and contact details to call in case you two get separated. Frenchies are prone to allergies which are either environment or food related. For this reason, if you are trying out a new food, don’t just offer it to your Frenchie to eat especially if you do not know what it contains. Pack some of his food, that way when you are having your meal, you can feed him his.

Some weeks before you travel you can do a mock of the journey itself. Put the dog in the car and drive around for some time. If the dog is not used to the car, traveling can be very stressful, gradually let your dog have a feel of what it will be like.


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